Kinship as Driver

This setup is a good option if you aren’t yet on the Magnesis bandwagon for all of your par 3 needs. It might be the most complex set of boosts for a club that I’ve come across, so I’ll do my best to explain it. The Meteor + Jumpstart combo gives Kinship a power boost of +4 (up to +8, depending on the level of your Jumpstart). Homestead gives Kinship another +2 power because of Brand Loyalty. When you drive with Kinship, Homestead now picks up +5 to all stats because of Kinship’s chain boost and also a +2 power for Brand Loyalty. Commonlaw gives the bag a natural +2 accuracy for all clubs (doubled to +4 with Alien Relic Right on Meteor).

The spin stat on Kinship is decent but, if you like to play your par 3’s with backspin, don’t expect to see more than maybe 10 feet of movement after the ball hits the green and changes directions. The goal is to get the ball to bounce just a few feet over the cup with backspin, where it will hopefully roll back in for the ace. If you like the added flair of dramatic backspin shots, try our Trailblazer par 3 bag setup.

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