Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best and fastest way to upgrade your club level?

If you look at the in-game FAQ under Experience Details, you will see a chart that outlines the XP amounts gained by upgrading clubs. Our advise has always been this: upgrade the clubs you use for everyday play first, then upgrade the rarest clubs you can, even if you never use them. The rarest clubs in the game can give you more than 7x the XP than that of a common club. 

Captain Charlie Woods says this: “Upgrade everything to lever 8 or 9. Always upgrade legendaries and mythicals (until 11). Then all epics to 11 and you’ll hit 9.”

Rawson Stovall, lead developer at Concrete, says this.

I just unlocked a new club and don’t know what to do with it. What’s the best setup for it?

Check our Bag Setups section to see if the configuration you’re looking for is there. If not, ask us in game chat or on Discord and someone in the clubhouse can put together a great setup for you usually within a few minutes.

What’s the quickest way to get 50 clubhouse points?

Here’s the long answer… 1) Play during Power Hour, which is between 8 and 9pm daily. You get two points for every single-player mode win. If you play quickly, you can get all 50 points (or close to it) in under an hour. 2) Do the Daily Challenges… they’re easy. Most require a birdie, par or bogey and you’re not competing against anyone.  You’ll get one point for those, even during Power Hour. 3) Play the tournaments if you can spare the gold. It costs 100 gold to enter a tournament. If it’s a 9 hole tournament, you get 9 clubhouse points when you finish. And, if you do well, you’ll get a pack and maybe some silver or gold. 4) If you’re having a busy week and are struggling to get your wins, you can buy up to 25 clubhouse points (only) on Saturdays from the in-game store for 4 gold per point. It’s a good option to fall back on if you don’t want to be kicked from the clubhouse for not getting your points.

Once I get my 50 individual points, can I still add more points to the clubhouse total?

No, the most points you can get for a week is 50. As an aside (because it has come up for us a few times), if you get 50 points with another clubhouse immediately before joining us, your weekly points have already been awarded to them. Clubhouse points do not transfer.

Why do I need to get 50 points every week?  Other clubhouses don’t require that many!

Our goal every week is to get the club maximum: 2,500 points (50 points x 50 players). If everyone is awarded the same packs every week, we want everyone to put in the same amount of effort into the game. And every player that puts up 50 adds to our clubhouse point total, which is sort of the only way a club’s longevity and success is measured at the moment. 

What if I have a family emergency, a super busy week or a  planned vacation?

We totally get it, life takes priority over the game. Communication is key. If you can, please let us know in a way you’re comfortable sharing that you won’t get your wins in for the week. You can direct message one of the captains in Discord or email us if that makes it any easier. On the flipside, frequently asking for a free pass on the week is something we frown upon and, at a certain point, we will remove you from the clubhouse.

The game is acting weird (the clubhouse page won’t load, chat messages aren’t posting, etc). What’s up?

Most in-game issues like this can be resolved by closing the game on your device and rebooting it. When the app is in the background of your device for a prolonged amount of time, it seems to get disconnected from the server. The only way to remedy that is to close and reboot.

How do I backup my account?  And what if I can’t login… will I lose all of my progress?

Your game profile is automatically backed up when you login to it using your Facebook account. If you are having an issue with your account or you fear that you’ve lost everything, reach out to Concrete support via the in-game contact form and explain in as much detail as possible about what’s happening. They will send you an email with a recovery link, which will open the game and restore your data. You will lose whatever progress you’ve made in the day or two previous to the account being restored. And if you’re ever prompted to restore your account while logging on, the correct answer is almost always the ‘remote’ option. Double-check and make sure you’re restoring the one with more progress.

If you have a game-related question that you’d like to see added to this page, please let us know. Thanks!