Par 4/5 Bag Setups

Blacksmith (Level 10+)

Now with Texas Tee driving power

Blacksmith XXL

Big boom Blacksmith!


Power + putter boost

Conqueror (no Meteor)

Early-game goodness!

Cyclotron Standard

A spinny driver option

Elaw's Blacksmith

Versatile and accurate

Endeavour (Level 6+)

Backed by Stormbringer


Boosted over the bad stuff

Green Demon

Emerald in hue and pure evil


Not just for water

Neon Impulse

Gimmicky and woody

New Frontier

Par 4 Rocket replacement

Outset + Mags

Retro drives with Mags to mop up

Outset (no Meteor)

Easy eagles with no Meteor

Outset Spin

Drive with Outset, spin with Oakheart

Outset Standard

No fills reliability

People's Champion

Mid-game substitute for Skyfury

People's Champion (no Meteor)

Brand loyalty bonuses


Bouncy unpredictability

Rocket Alt

Flipping the standard setup

Rocket Classic

Two standard versions

Rocket Deadspin

Focused bounce reduction

Rocket + Mags

Optimal, lethal combo

Rocket (no Meteor)

For the unlucky peeps

Rocket Sparks

Big power plus Sparky

Rocket Spinner

3x more spinnier

Rocket Stopper (post-nerf)

Real stopping power

Rocket Wedgie

Triple wedged for your pleasure


For bending your Rocket

Sandy Rocket

Featuring Sandblast

Skyfury Basic

Milestone game-changing club

Skyfury (no Meteor)

For the unlucky ones

Skyfury Treekiller

Trees? What trees?

Skyfury Treekiller Alt

Version 2.0 w/Sparky

Tierra Hueca

Palo anti-gravity