Tips for Newer Players

When you’re a total newbie to the game, your club options are very limited and you just sort of have to deal with that until you accumulate new clubs from various challenges and card packs. Over time and as you level, you will unlock clubs that can boost the abilities of other clubs in your bag. Some clubs may boost power, others control, some may reduce the effects of wind and others may double a neighbor club’s special abilities. It’s important to read the descriptions on a club’s card to see what it can do. Oftentimes, the order in which you put clubs in a bag is key. Below is some general information about what are the most useful club combinations and how, specifically, to configure your bags to get the most out of these boosts.

Before we get into the clubs, let’s talk about bags. You begin the game with one bag, but you can add more and more at an increasing cost by going to the blue Clubs tab and pressing the lock icon.

After you’ve purchased the additional bag, you can fill it with a new configuration of 5 clubs.
What’s the benefit of adding additional bags? Over time, as you accumulate more specialized clubs, you can create bags for specific situations. One bag can be for Par 3s, one for Par 4s, one could be your best setup for Windy tournaments, etc. Creating specialized bags really is a must if you want to be prepared for any and all situations. In the black bar below the bag number, you can add text to name your bag to make it quickly identifiable.
First Boost – There are dozens of possibilities of random club cards that could become available to you as a reward, but one of the earliest could be Jumpstart. If you press the Jumpstart card, you’ll open up a screen showing what its bonus is. If you press the words “Power Bonus +2”, you’ll see a short description about how the club should be arranged in your bag.
So, now if you put your driver in slot #1 and Jumpstart in slot #2, you’ve just boosted the power of your driver by +2.

That’s the basics of how boosts work in the game. As previously mentioned, bag configurations can be created for very specific conditions, which is why it’s important to have many bags in your arsenal to choose from. Many club boosts work in tandem with other clubs and bonuses can be stacked. We’ll get into that next.
Early-ish Combo Boost – At club level 5, the Meteor wedge becomes available and has the ability to double the special abilities of the club to its immediate left. One of the most popular combo boosts in the game is to stack the Meteor with Jumpstart. Put your driver in slot #1, Jumpstart in slot #2 and Meteor in slot #3 and now you’ve just added a +4 to your driver’s power. If you use Sky Fury as your driver, this combo boost can easily take your drives to 500-600 yards with proper use of the Boundary Rush boost on Sky Fury. 
That’s just a quick overview about how bags and boosts work. If it seems like a lot of information to you right now, you’ll understand it better with time. The purpose of our Bag Setups section is to catalog bag configurations that are proven to work by experienced players. You may not have many of the clubs unlocked yet that are shown in our configurations, but these setups are for all levels of players. As you increase your club level (see our FAQ page for more info about that), you will eventually unlock all the clubs listed.