Trailblazer as a Driver

This setup works really well for those par 3 greens that are surrounded by water, like Boston 16, which is often used for a One Shot Challenge. Trailblazer is an iron with just the right amount of power for these short par 3s. Give it the old Meteor + Jumpstart boost and you’ve increased the power by +4. A doubled-up Commonlaw (from Meteor Alien Relic Right) gives you a +4 to bag accuracy. You can use the putter of your choice, though – if you’re doing it right – your putts should be short. Sparky gives you added insurance of not missing the close ones. What I like about Trailblazer on these holes is the it shows a white ring around the area where the ball will land. This is a big advantage when aiming your shot. 

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