Tierra Hueca

Tierra Hueca doesn’t really stand out as an amazing club in any way, but this setup will work if you want to play around with it. Its natural boost has a low gravity effect on your shot that stacks. The more shots you take with it, the longer the ball will hang in the air.

For this setup, you want to take advantage of the Palo loyalty boosts so, in order, we have Lowball, Lodestar and Tierra Hueca in the 1, 2 and 3 slots. Jumpstart will give Tierra Hueca a power boost and Commonlaw, in the 6 slot, gives the whole bag an accuracy boost.

Note, this bag is for players that don’t yet have Meteor and you will not be able to reach many par 4 greens with it. If you have Meteor, drop it in the 6 slot for added driving power at the cost of some overall accuracy.

If we’re being honest, there are other/better bags that we’d recommend to lower level players. Outset is a fantastic option before The Rocket comes along at level 8. And, of course, Skyfury is an equally good choice.

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