Skyfury Basic

Skyfury is one of the first really game-changing clubs that you unlock. This setup is sort of a basic boost configuration with Meteor double-boosting Jumpstart to give Skyfury a +4 power. Commonlaw gives a natural +2 to the bag’s accuracy. After you’ve unlocked Meteor’s Alien Relic Right boost, Commonlaw’s +2 accuracy doubles to +4. Commonlaw also gives +2 to your putter here, which could be any that you choose. Lowball is a pretty good early-ish game option, though later on you might want to go with Sparky, Homecoming or one of the others. If you have not unlocked Meteor yet (Skyfury’s power will be cut by -4) you could put Conspiracy in the 3 slot to give you a 25% wind reduction. Even though it’s unlocked early on in the game, Skyfury is the only club that can adquately reach a select few holes even at level 9. You’ll want a variation of this setup as one of your six bags.

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