Sandy Rocket

This setup was made prior to the Rocket nerf in version 3.21.0 on June 19, 2023. Your results may vary on longer par 5 holes.

This setup is designed to take advantage of Sandblast’s situational boost after the ball lands in a sand trap. The idea here is to drive with the Rocket into a bunker. After that, you should see stats similar to the ones shown above, depending on your club levels. It’s a modified version of a standard Rocket setup (with less driving power) that has Meteor in the 4 slot instead of the 3 slot for the reasons below. 

1) Sandblast has a 50% terrain resistance in the rough, which gets applied to The Rocket to its left. This effect is doubled by Meteor, so The Rocket would have a 100% terrain resistance if you were to take a 2nd shot with it. 2) Sandblast also has a Sand Bonus boost for itself when your ball is in a bunker that will boost all of its stats by “X” points (X being determined by the level of Sandblast – at level 12, power, accuracy and spin all increase by 13). This number is then doubled by Meteor to its right.

Commonlaw sits in the 5 slot to give your bag (at least) a +2 accuracy, which is then doubled if you have Alien Relic Right unlocked on Meteor. You’ll be amazed just how slowly the aim meter moves on your Sandblast shot out of the bunker.

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