Rocket Alt

This setup was made prior to the Rocket nerf in version 3.21.0 on June 19, 2023. Your results may vary on longer par 5 holes.

Here is yet another alternative Rocket setup. This one flips the standard configuration around a bit to double-boost Homecoming with Meteor (see the image on right). All of those bonuses apply to the Rocket, plus you get the power bonus from the club on the left which, in this case, we have Blacksmith. If you’re more comfortable with a wedge in the #1 slot, you can replace Blacksmith with Seeker or Stormbringer and still reach a par 5 green without any issues. The only thing left to talk about here is what this setup does for your putting. Going off of the screenshot, we would have a +34 power and 100% terrain resist on Homecoming if our drive were to end up anywhere other than the green.

Thanks to Reasonable Man for coming up with this one!

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