Whenever you try to get Magnesis into a specialty bag, you have to make sacrifices. We’re offering up two options for the Reverse Tourney setup.

The first is the more common approach with Eagle’s Landing, Rocket and Meteor at #1, #2 and #3. We need to have Magnesis next to Meteor at #4 for doubled magnetism. At #5, your choices are Commonlaw or Galvanizer. Galvanizer won’t boost the whole bag’s accuracy, but it will give Magnesis a bigger accuracy boost, which is really what you want. Reverse Tourneys don’t require a putter yet, ironically, here we have two.

The second option is to swap out Eagle’s Landing for New Frontier in the #1 slot. It gives your bag a big power boost when hitting from the rough. With the tourney strategy being to drive into the rough and chip into the cup, the New Frontier boost is there to help your second shot with Magnesis.

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