People’s Champion (no Meteor)

Here’s another option for those who have yet to get Meteor. Hero, People’s Champion and Rampart are all part of the Stanchion brand of clubs. Several of Stanchion’s clubs have a Brand Loyalty bonus, which boosts Stanchion clubs next to each other. So, People’s Champion and Rampart are boosting each other’s power, and Hero is boosting People’s Champion. On its own, Hero is a nice low-level-ish choice for a wedge, because it has a big power bonus when the ball is in the rough. Commonlaw gives the whole bag an accuracy boost. Plus, Commonlaw and Homestead also have a Willoughsby Brand Loyalty bonus, so they are giving each other a power boost.

Overall, this is a pretty solid bag that’ll reach par 5 greens. Hero and Commonlaw are both perfectly capable chipping clubs and Homestead, with the stat boost, is a very solid choice for the putter.

This setup comes courtesy of IG Captain Charlie Woods.

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