Meet the Captains: Charlie Woods

Name: Charlie Woods

Titles: Retired/Co-Captain/Bag Guru

Joined IG: November 2020

Location: Lansing, MI

Age: 26

Total Wins: 21,580

Total Aces: 826

Favorite Club: Meteor

What are some of your favorite moments playing PGA Tour?

Best moment was winning my first tournament at level 6. It was a 5×5 tournament and shot 10 with Skyfury and Commonlaw chip ins. My last shot I bent around a tree and sunk it for the win. The day I had 16 aces in play mode was pretty exciting, too.

Favorite thing about PGA Tour?
My favorite thing is having a group of people active in chat and playing duels. What is really fun about the game is the infinite bag setups you can create and tweak. You can do some crazy things with the right club combinations!
If you could only play with one bag setup, which one would it be?
My favorite bag in the game would be an Outset setup with lots of accuracy and spin. It’s the set up I get par 4 aces with the most. Great for any level player too!
What would you say is the most under-appreciated club in the game?
One club I feel is very under-appreciated is High Flight. It’s wind reduction ability makes it a perfect club for rolling in aces on par 3’s.
What’s an improvement to the game that you’d like to see added?

I would probably say that solo mode alluded to a lot of interesting concepts that were never brought to life. Like brand specific challenges or heavy and low gravity shots. I think it’d be cool to see that carried out into tourneys, duels, or Daily Challenges. I’d like for there to be a challenge to learn from.

What tips would you give to newer players?

For newer players my biggest tips are to: play a lot… like a lot, ask questions, play a lot of duels, recognize patterns in how the ball bounces and reacts to wind. Did I mention play a lot?