Magnesis as an Iron

Standard version: Normally Meteor would be to the right of the Rocket, but we’re using it next to Magnesis here to double the radius of the magnetism boost. With Alien Relic Right on Meteor, you’re also doubling Commonlaw’s bag accuracy to +4, which is helping to offset Magnesis’ inaccuracy and also giving a nice aim boost to Homecoming. This setup takes a bit of driving power out of the Rocket, so you may struggle to reach the longest of greens.

Two putter version: This is our first, and maybe only, two putter bag. Whaaaat? Magnesis is a very tempermental club. Its accuracy is very hard to manage, unless you’re just off the green. Meteor next to it doubles its magnetism range (which, when you first unlock it, is only about 4 inches), but it also doubles the swing speed and greatly reduces the accuracy. This bag gives you the same stats on Magnesis, but gives your Rocket a bit more power. One important note: Magnesis works best with spin on your shot. With this setup, you gain power on your drive at the cost of 4 accuracy to the Rocket and Homecoming.

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