Magnesis (Par 3 driver)

“Just Get Me to the Green” (L7-L9) version: This is not the long term Magnesis setup you want to use. This is the I just got Magnesis and am trying to reach the pin version.¬†Shots with Magnesis from a long distance can be incredibly difficult. When you first unlock it you have a max distance of around 160 yards, but the aiming meter moves so quickly that it would practically take a miracle to get off a perfect shot. Your first upgrade gives you a +1 to power, which makes Magnesis slightly more manageable and short par 3s are reachable, but still not easily. It won’t be until your 2nd or 3rd upgrade that Magnesis becomes a viable option for aces. As for the setup above, a doubled Commonlaw counteracts Magnesis’ swing speed. Magnesis on the right of Meteor (with Alien Relic Right) doubles the Magnesis magnetism range. Jumpstart in the 5 slot gives you some extra driving power.

High Octane (L10-L12) version: This is the setup you want to be using when you’ve leveled up Magnesis a few times and have added some power. This bag tries to maximize the balance between power and accuracy. Commonlaw next to Meteor gives the bag a +4 accuracy, Into the Breach provides a +3 to Magnesis power and spin at the cost of -4 accuracy, which is then offset by a +4 accuracy from Galvanizer. At lower levels, this will get you to the short par 3 greens, but you’ll still have to wrestle with the shot’s accuracy. Thanks to Grimm for this setup.

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