Conqueror (no Meteor)

This is an earlier-game setup (than the slightly later-game version) for those unfortunate souls who haven’t gotten Meteor yet. Into the Breach provides a Bag Recklessness boost that gives all clubs in the bag a power and spin boost, but at the cost of accuracy. Those boosts apply to Conqueror as your driver, but it’s also given another power boost by Jumpstart. This will provide plenty of driving power to reach most par 4 or par 5 holes. We’re minimizing some of the accuracy loss from Breach with Commonlaw. Now for the cherry on top: Conqueror chains into putters, so if you can put the ball on the green in one shot, you get a huge boost to all stats on your putter (in addition to the power boost from Breach). Lowball is shown in this bag because it’s a good early-game putter, but you can sub it out for the putter of your choice.

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