Cloudcatcher as a Driver

This isn’t necessarily the best choice for a general purpose par 3 setup, but it does offer one major benefit when your other par 3 bags can’t quite get it done: it has bounce reduction. Pro: The natural bounce reduction will have your drives sticking to the green with very little carry. Cons: – 1) It’s a short club, meaning you’re probably hitting max distance at 200 yards or less. 2) It’s very susceptible to getting pushed around by the wind because of its extreme loft. As far as the config goes, it’s your standard driver, Jumpstart, Meteor setup. Eagle’s Landing is a good choice as a putter, because it gets boosted by the amount of time your drive is in the air. For your fifth club, you can go one of two ways… Conspiracy for wind reduction or Commonlaw for an accuracy boost. I highly recommend going with the wind reduction. If you have Alien Relic Right on Meteor, you’ll get a 50% wind reduction by putting Conspiracy in the fifth slot. 

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