Blacksmith XXL

Is this the best choice for a par 5 bag?  Probably not, but it’s a fun way to intentionally play with extreme wind conditions. This bag requires that Texas Tee be unlocked on Blacksmith, Alien Relic Right is unlocked on Meteor, and also, obviously, you have the XLR8R driver. The putter in the 5 slot is personal preference, but you can hardly ever go wrong with Sparky.

On its own, XLR8R provides a 10-20 mph tailwind for all clubs in your bag. When you double it up with Meteor, now you’re into extreme territory. It will take practice to gauge that kind of carry from the wind. Probably your best move is to put backspin on your drive with Blacksmith. This setup will reach the longest par 5’s in the game and that’s not even at full power.

Thanks to IG Captain Charlie Woods for cooking this one up.

Here is a more subdued version that halves the wind and gives you more control. This setup will comfortably reach any par 4 green.

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