Blacksmith (Level 10+)

When you first unlock Blacksmith, it plays as a nice short/mid distance iron with lots of loft and little bounce. But when you upgrade it to level 10, that’s where the true potential is revealed when its Texas Tee +6 power boost comes into play. Configure your bag in the order shown below. It’s especially helpful if Stormbringer and Meteor are higher levels, because Stormbringer can provide a massive wind boost behind you which can easily add another 50 yards to your shot. The Meteor doubles Texas Tee to give you a +12 power and Stormbringer’s Zephyr boost to give you a 22 mph tailwind. Eagle’s Landing is the ideal choice for putter here, because it gets its accuracy boost from the amount of time the ball is in the air on your drive – and it will float there for a long time. Until you get Blacksmith to level 10, try using our Par 3 setup. (Thanks to Charlie Woods for this bag!)

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