Meet the Captains: Owen Money

Name: Owen Money

Titles: Founder/Captain/Web Guy

Joined IG: June 2020

Location: Chicago-ish, IL

Age: 55

Total Wins: 36,974

Total Aces: 429

Favorite Club: Windstrike

What are some of your favorite moments playing PGA Tour?

First ace. First time winning a tournament. Getting The Rocket. First condor. Finishing the level 9 grind and finally unlocking MagnesisGetting 5 aces in like 30 minutes. That was crazy!

Favorite thing about PGA Tour?

Every hole is like a puzzle. First, deciding on the best bag to use, then knowing what your clubs are capable of, then trying to figure out where the wind will put your ball and how to spin it so it ends up exactly where you want it. It doesn’t always work out the way I had hoped, but I’m pretty sure I know how to fix the problem the next time around. Maybe.

If you could only play with one bag setup, which one would it be?

After Windstrike got an update in the early Fall of 2023, it has become my favorite club. Hands down. It’s insanely accurate and the spin has been adjusted so it’s just right now – you can make the ball do exactly what you want on the green. The only downside is that it won’t reach the longest par 5’s, but you can use on just about every other hole in the game.

What would you say is the most under-appreciated club in the game?

Outset is a club I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to for the longest time, but it really is great! It can be boosted to give you plenty of distance for long par 4s and has a high spin stat that allows you to put a lot of English on the ball. Using forward spin on your drives can even get you to a par 5 green if all conditions are in your favor.

What do you still want to learn about the game?

I have a much better understanding of spin now more than ever, but my execution is still far from perfect. I’m working on it. And, in the end, it always comes down to the wind and making an educated guess where the ball will ultimately land. I think that’s the toughest part of the game, the wind.

What tips would you give to newer players?

For new, new players… don’t aim your shot directly at the cup. Allow space for the ball to bounce and roll! Play a lot and learn what your clubs will do – how far will the ball roll after it hits the fairway?  How much bounce is on the ball when you chip onto the green with your iron? Watch your aiming circle and pay attention to where the wind ends up pushing your shot. There’s info there for you to put in your back pocket. Use spin on the ball to fine-tune your shots. Spend the silver on a few additional bags so that you can have setups for different situations. Never use one bag for every hole in the game! Find a good clubhouse that will get you plenty of packs every week and has veteran players that are willing to teach you… like Irrational Guys! Ask more experienced players for help in setting up your bags or just visit our Bag Setups page. Don’t be seduced by Green Demon. It’s horrible. And, finally, just because you’re comfortable using a club, that doesn’t mean it’s the best club that you could be using. Prepare to learn to use new clubs when you unlock them as you leave the old ones behind.