I know people have been singing the praises of Windstrike for quite a long time and I apologize for being more than casually late to the party. I’ve always felt that, for the style of game that I play, the spin stats were way too out of balance for this club to be of real use to me. All that has changed with the recent update that has cut the spin in half and now I’m in love with this club.

The basic setup here is starting to look familiar, as the general layout has applied to many of our most recent bag setups. A doubled Maelstrom gives you loads of bounce reduction and some extra spin. Galvanizer next to that sets you up quite nicely for a very accurate chip, if necessary (although Galvanizer doesn’t really wow anyone as a putter).  And Conspiracy rounds out the bag with the all-important wind reduction. Alternatively, you could put Conspiracy in the #3 slot and shift Maelstrom and Galvanizer over to the #4 and #5 positions.

Windstrike has accuracy for days. The Windstrike/Meteor combo could possibly make this the most accurate driving club right out of the gate.  And because the meter moves so slowly, you can easily make fine tuning adjustments to your shot at the last second by going slightly left or right of dead center.

This setup is good for all par 4’s and probably 95% of all par 5’s. It even works quite well on par 3’s with some hard backspin. And if you like to get crazy, you can shoot well short of the green with heavy topspin and see the ball roll for another 50+ yards.

After a lot of playing around with this setup, this is the version I’ve settled on for myself. The accuracy on Maelstrom isn’t as good, but Lowball gets a power boost when it’s next to Windstrike. It also seems to be a much more reliable putter than Galvanizer.

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