Skyfury Treekiller Alt

This is version 2.0 of the original Skyfury+Seeker bag.  It’s really geared toward a couple of specific holes in the game (like Southwind 12 & 18) where either pond-skipping or tree passing provides the most direct path to the cup and it should be a permanent fixture in your arsenal of bags. We’ve removed Jumpstart from the two slot and put Meteor there. You shouldn’t need the extra power on these holes. Meteor will double Skyfury’s Boundary Rush boost, which will now give it a lower, faster shot trajectory. With backspin on your drive, you will stick the green better. Sparky is the optimal choice for putter here, especially if you have Alien Relic Right on Meteor, because it will double Sparky’s magnetism range. We’ve lost a bit of accuracy from the original version of this setup by not having Meteor next to Commonlaw, but you shouldn’t need it. The Seeker is fine right where it is and doesn’t need any additional boosts.

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