Skyfury (no Meteor)

Here’s another one for the unlucky people that still haven’t gotten Meteor to show up in a pack.  It’s a pretty standard setup with one glaring omission. Sorry, don’t want to rub it in.

If you’re newer to the club-boosting side of things, the setup goes like this: Jumpstart to the right of Skyfury gives Skyfury a power boost of +2 (or more, depending on its level). Commonlaw gives the whole bag an accuracy boost. The Seeker gives the whole bag tree passing ability, which means you can shoot through trees as if they weren’t there. You can use whatever your putter of choice is. Lowball is a good choice at lower levels. The only club positions that matter in this setup is that Jumpstart is to the right of Skyfury. All the other stuff can go anywhere.

All of these clubs are good on their own, really, but Jumpstart is more of a pure boost club than a club that should be used, except when you’re in a bind.

Skyfury has the Boundary Rush ability, which means it gets sort of a supernatural power boost when the ball is over water or an out of bounds area. You can use this to your advantage on many holes, but don’t try too hard to bend your aim way out of bounds on a straight fairway. That won’t work out too well.

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