Rocket Stopper v3.21

Hey, we’re here to tell you that this is the exact same setup as the pre-nerf bag and it still reaches the longest non-Mythical greens. With level 12 clubs, maximum potential distance (not considering wind) is around +/- 640 yards. The only real difference is the Rocket’s pre-rough boost power stats have gone down some and the accuracy may be a little less. That said, here’s our original notes below.

This is pretty much your standard [pre-nerf] Rocket setup with one key difference: the Nautilus brand wedge, Maelstrom. With the Alien Relic Right upgrade on Meteor, Maelstrom’s bounce reduction and spin bonus are doubled (on the whole bag) to give you all of the power you’re accustomed to with Rocket, but with a fraction of the roll when your shot hits the ground. This can be a real game changer for some of those tougher par 5’s around water and it offers a huge advantage for tournament play when seconds matter. Another massive upside with this setup is that the spin bonus from Maelstrom can greatly increase the directional control of where the ball will go when it lands. That can be especially useful with some of the newer pin placements on the corner of a green.

If you’re comfortable giving up some accuracy in exchange for less headaches from the wind, you can swap out Commonlaw in the 5 slot with Conspiracy.

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