Rocket (no Meteor)

This setup was made prior to the Rocket nerf in version 3.21.0 on June 19, 2023. Your results may vary on longer par 5 holes.

First, our condolences to you if you’ve made it to level 8 and still haven’t unlocked Meteor. But let’s try and make the best of the situation.

The Rocket gets its boost from the clubs on the left and right. Homecoming in the #1 slot is not an optional putter choice. It boosts The Rocket with its Off-Green Power and Terrain Resist abilities, which get applied at the time of your shot. Blacksmith in the #3 slot provides good power to The Rocket (and even more if you unlock its Texas Tee ability). Jumpstart gives Blacksmith more power, which then gives The Rocket more power. Commonlaw in the #5 here will give you a bit of a bag accuracy boost, which you will likely need. You could also put Seeker in the #5 slot for Tree Passing or Stormbringer for the Zephyr ability tailwind boost. Both of those wedges are excellent chipping options around the green.

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