So, here’s the deal: even when you kinda have a feel for Rebound, it’s still incredibly unpredictable and hard to determine where the ball will finally end up. It will take a lot of practice with Rebound before you sort of get comfortable with what it does. That said, this is a pretty standard setup like many other drivers in the game with Meteor boosting Jumpstart and Jumpstart boosting Rebound. Commonlaw on the right of Meteor gives double accuracy (with Meteor Alien Relic Right) and then comes your putter. Homestead is a great choice because the brand loyalty bonus works well with Commonlaw.

General tips on using Rebound:

  • It works best on long holes with straight-ish fairways. Dogleg holes are doable, but more difficult.
  • ┬áRebound was updated in September 2022. It used to do two bounces on the fairway, now it does three. If you were to put it next to Meteor, it would do more.
  • Aiming your drive gets a little complicated. You want to aim short onto the fairway to allow for a couple of big bounces. Pick the spot where you want the ball to make its first bounce and make adjustments for the wind to put you there.
  • The ball will bounce following the exact trajectory of your shot (that long white line as you aim), unless you put some directional spin on the shot, which you almost certainly should.
  • Backspin can do weird things with Rebound. The ball may bounce straight up in the air or veer off in a random direction. Forward spin seems to be the better play.
  • It will take a lot of experimenting. Most players get super frustrated by the unpredictability, but it can be really fun when you start to get the hang of it.
  • Even if you’re a very skilled player, there’s a high level of luck involved in a great Rebound drive.

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