Outset Standard

At first glance, there’s really nothing terribly special about this bag, however, it is a very solid choice for most par 4’s and many par 5’s. It does lack some driving power, so to reach the longest par 5’s in the game would require some very favorable wind conditions. This is a great setup, even at level 9, if you’re looking to play a more traditional game without trick clubs like Sky Fury, etc.

Outset has a pretty high spin stat, which means you can steer the ball towards the cup pretty easily on tricky fairways. In addition, you can eek out plenty of extra yards on your drive with a well-aimed shot using forward spin. The other huge bonus is that Outset has the Chains Into Wedges boost, which adds a sizable increase to all of Meteor’s stats, making it a very accurate and semi-powerful chipping club around the green. You can use your putter of choice in the 5 slot, but Homestead is a really good option because it and Commonlaw give each other a brand loyalty stat boost.

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