Meet the Captains: Rattler

Name: Rattler

Title: Co-Captain / Tourney Master

Joined IG: May 2022

Location: Indian Land, SC

Age: 73

Total Wins: 26,309

Total Aces: 69

Favorite Club:  Blacksmith

What are some of your favorite moments playing PGA Tour?

When I was an early Level 8 and new to the club, I was in play mode on Boston #6 and put it in the water twice. Then on my third attempt, I hit it in the hole and beat my opponent. Never give up!

Favorite thing about PGA Tour?
Finding the right clubhouse where you can flourish and have the support of the founder of IG, Owen & the Captain, Charlie and the rest of the Co-captains. Very fortunate to have found IG when I stumbled across looking for info on how to hit Rocket and what clubs to put next to each other.
If you could only play with one bag setup, which one would it be?
Commonlaw, Conspiracy, Meteor, Blacksmith, Galvanizer
What would you say is the most under-appreciated club in the game?
What’s an improvement to the game that you’d like to see added?

More levels to achieve, put Boston in Solo Mode and add a few more courses.

What tips would you give to newer players?

Listen to all the players in your clubhouse for advice, join Discord, ask questions, duel and participate in your club and most of all practice, practice, practice and get your 50 early in the week!