Meanderer Par 3

Meanderer got a new ability in an update not too long ago that makes it a really attractive par 3 option. ‘Green Grip’ basically locks up the brakes on your shot as soon as it’s over the green. We’re reducing the bounce with Maelstrom here, too, so the ball comes down like a lead balloon.

You’re going to have to experiment a bit with this to see how much room you’ll need between the close edge of the green and the pin. Wind can be a slight issue with this setup. The new Turbino ball could work very well with this bag.

I have Atlantis in this setup, because it’ll boost all club stats when you’re around water. This bag is also really nice for doing trick shots off the water with the ball coming down for an easy/sticky landing. But you can use whatever putter you like.

One last thing: you do not want to use spin on this setup for par 3’s. Your shot will end up on the next fairway or in the water, for sure. If you want to play around with Meanderer’s insane spin, find a long, straight fairway and use directional topspin towards the cup.

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