Leviathan is quickly becoming my new favorite club, seriously. Although its boosts suggest it’s destined to be just a club to use around water, it’s much more than that. With mine only at a level 10 still, greens up to around 500 yards can be reached with forward spin, assuming there’s no headwind.

This first version is geared more towards distance and should be played similar to any driver. You will see more spin on the bag if you have Meteor’s Alien Relic Right unlocked. You can use the putter of your choice in the 5 slot. Galvanizer will give you a nice accuracy boost on Maelstrom chips. Aim short of the green with topspin towards the cup or aim longer with backspin. This setup gives you loads of control on your shot.

This second setup is super effective for greens surrounded by water and it works well for both par 3 or par 4 holes. Alien Relic Right on Meteor will give you loads of spin and green-grabbing power from Maelstrom. Conspiracy is a really good choice in the four slot to minimize the chances of wind blowing your drive off-course. Atlantis boosts the stats of all clubs in the bag by being close to water. If you aim your shot’s distance around equal to the pin with hard backspin, you should end up pretty close to the cup. I like to come at it from a very slight angle with directional backspin towards the pin.

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