We’re not gonna lie, Explorer isn’t a particularly easy club to use effectively. It works similarly to Skyfury, only it gets its power by being over the rough. And keeping its flight path on course can be easier said than done. Oftentimes, the rough will pretty much end at the green, which can lead to the ball taking a major bounce off the green into the rough again, leading to your shot getting re-boosted and sent out of bounds.

Explorer is one of those clubs that can require a fine-tuned setup, depending on the hole you’re playing. This is just one suggested configuration.

Explorer doesn’t need Jumpstart for a power boost. Just keep your shot over the rough until you don’t want it to be. You can use directional spin on your drive to steer the ball towards the cup once it reaches the fairway or the green.

In this setup, we’re doubling up Conspiracy to take the wind out of the equation as much as possible. Also, on the other side of Meteor, we’ve got Maelstrom to minimize the bounce when the ball touches down. If your Meteor is level 10 or better, your bounce reduction will be doubled. In the last slot is whatever putter you prefer. It may be really tempting to use Sparky here, but keep in mind that Sparky without an accuracy boost of can bite you in the butt more often than not. Lowball has become my putter of choice for most bags these days.

Good luck!

Thanks to Elawson, Grimm and Microwayv for the assist on this setup.

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