Elaw’s Blacksmith

Credit IG Co-Captain Elawson for this super versatile and deadly accurate setup. Every club in this bag is here to buff your drive with Blacksmith. And with a double-Meteored Conspiracy, your wind speeds should hold between 1-6 mph.

This bag is great for (almost) all par 3’s and many par 4’s, with a maximum driving distance of 400-420 yards with all clubs at level 12. There’s only one minor downside here and that’s that there’s not a whole lot of spin on Blacksmith. If you like playing with backspin, the most you’ll see here is maybe 10 feet of direct movement from back to front, but it works well for side-to-side finessing on tough greens and/or difficult pin placements.

Once you get a feel for where the ball will land after the bounce, most par 3 drives should end up inside of a few feet from the pin.

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