Cyclotron Standard

This is sort of a standard, run of the mill ‘boost your driver’ setup with the old Meteor/Jumpstart combo. Cyclotron isn’t a particularly stand-out driver for anything other than its above average spin stat. It’s possible to reach long par 5 greens with this configuration, but only if you can hit the fairway and stick to it using forward spin. This is more likely one of those types of bags that you throw together and use for a day or two just to break the monotony of your regular go-to’s. If you like to spin your way to the cup, this is another option.

We’ve got Sparky in the four slot to double its magnetism range from Meteor (with Alien Relic Right unlocked). You could swap it with Commonlaw if you want the added bag accuracy. Or use any putter you want. That works, too.


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