Q&A with Rawson Stovall (4)

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On that same subject… I think I’m picking up a pattern on the game updates: it goes, bug fixes three times a month and then new content once a month. Is that sort of the schedule Concrete is trying to stick with or does it just depend?

Mostly, yes. We have moved to a cadence of having smaller, yet more frequent releases. On one hand having a “March Release” with new content + bug fixes would be easier to message but it puts a lot of risk on that one release.

What hole would you say is the toughest in the game?  Are there any you think are un-ace-able?

Ha! Well… the hardest hole is a new one that we’re working on right now. It’s crazy!

But as for existing holes… while I know Magnesis can trivialize Par 3s, the hole that has the highest average number of shots over the expected par is… Sawgrass 17.

Does ‘Due Anyone’ roughly mean “everyone deserves a win” and will she ever get to level 7 or shoot better than a double bogey on any hole?

You know, Due Anyone is funny. We looked into it and it’s a real person. But I think it’s become a bit of a “I am Spartacus” situation – other people change their name to Due Anyone, then play some weird games and then change their name back. So just because you play a “Due Anyone” doesn’t mean that it is the Due Anyone.

Why does your longest putt in a duel count in your stats, but aces don’t?

I think that’s just an oversight on our part.

From what I gather, Concrete doesn’t really like to reveal too many specifics about what’s planned in the immediate future for PGA TOUR… but, is there anything you can tell us about what we can expect to see or areas of the game you’re hoping to expand upon in upcoming updates?

More tournament variety including level-gated tournaments; more clubs, more avatars, and… new, special “Mythical Holes.”

Quick fire questions… yes/no/maybe

How about adding 3 more bag slots for a nice, golfy number of 9?

Slots within a bag… no. More bags? Sure?

Could we ever see a way to customize our avatars?

What are you thinking? But, more avatars, for sure, yes. We will be making many more.

Give us the option to manually choose a hole for a duel rather than cycling through them?

Yes, for sure this is something I would love to see.

Add clubhouse filter parameters for prospective, new members (minimum level, wins, Fed Ex ranking, etc)?

These sound like good ideas!

Offer a monthly subscription option in place of watching ads to open or upgrade packs?


Could you even imagine a new level 10 that opens up a 6th club slot?

Yes, but I think it would come with a larger level change. For instance, I could see overall changing the levels from 9 max to like 100. I initially liked the idea of not having many levels because I felt that fewer levels would really highlight and underscore the importance of each level. However, I’ve since become convinced that the time it takes, say, to move from Level 7 to 8 hurts the player experience more than the great feeling of accomplishment a level 8 player would get.

I think that’s about it. Thanks again for taking the time out of your busy schedule to indulge us. As always, we’re looking forward to future updates!

Thanks for having me as a (virtual) guest! And thanks for everyone’s interest in the game!

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