Meet the Captains: TMalone

Name: TMalone

Title: First Co-Captain

Joined IG: October 2020

Location: Central Illinois

Age: 56

Total Wins: 26,164

Total Aces: 286

Favorite Club:  Magnesis

What are some of your favorite moments playing PGA Tour?

Finally reaching level 9. I was one of the first in the clubhouse. Winning my first tourney. Getting my first hole in one and getting my 125th hole in one.

Favorite thing about PGA Tour?
My favorite thing about PGA is challenging myself every day to get better. Meeting people from all over the world and building a community of respect.
If you could only play with one bag setup, which one would it be?
Rocket-Magnesis is my go to for most holes and definitely changed my play in the game.
What would you say is the most under-appreciated club in the game?
I loved playing with Seeker before I reached level 9 but I have really loved Outset and think it’s a great club for beginners as well as established players.
What are you still learning about the game?

I’m still working on speed for tourneys. I would love to figure out more tips and tricks for shooting fast times while being accurate.

What tips would you give to newer players?

Level up and play around with many clubs to get a feel for the courses and greens. I wish I would have maxed out common clubs first because you get a lot more silver with them. Since you’re short on silver as a new player I always tried to level up clubs with the highest XP. Legendary/Mythical purchase opportunities.