High Flight 2.0

We’re revisiting a favorite par 3 setup of ours from a few years ago. If Meteor is the salt of PGA Tour, Maelstrom is the new pepper. You can improve just about any bag with it, with the caveat that you’ll have to give something up to squeeze it in.

In this case, we’re ditching Commonlaw to add our favorite new wedge. Maelstrom adds two whole-bag boosts: bounce reduction and a spin bonus. How does this help High Flight?  Less bounce means less guesswork as to where the ball will end up. And more spin gives you the ability for more fine tuning on your drive.

This setup will work on any par 3 in the game. Because of the bounce reduction, you’ll have an easier time with some of those tough pin placements. There’s an amazing amount of side to side directional spin available here which can give you a horizontal line approach to the hole.

You can take a straight shot directly at the pin or come at the hole from a slight angle with backspin towards the pin. See the demo shots below.

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