•  WE ARE A “DAILY, COMPETITIVE” CLUBHOUSE: That means you need to actively contribute to the weekly clubhouse goals by winning 1v1 games or by doing daily challenges that have a blue clubhouse medal icon on them. New members will be kicked if they don’t put up any points within 24 hours of joining the clubhouse.

•  EVERYONE NEEDS TO CONTRIBUTE: Ideally, all members will get their weekly 50 points per week, but everyone is required to produce a minimum of 40 clubhouse points per week to stay. That translates to 20 wins per week during power hour. If that’s too much of a time commitment for you, we’re probably not the best fit for each other. Exceptions will be made for members who reach out to us ahead of time. Please note, DUELS are just for fun between clubhouse members and do not count towards your weekly clubhouse point total.

•  DOUBLE YOUR POINTS: Our POWER HOUR is set for 8 to 9PM every day. All single player wins during that window count for 2 points, rather than just 1. As an FYI, you can get all 50 clubhouse points in a single Power Hour, even with sort of crappy clubs, many ties and some losses sprinkled in if you play at a very fast pace (skip watching all shots).

•  CLUBHOUSE REWARDS: The game week runs Saturday to Saturday and clubhouse rewards become available at 11:00pm central time on Saturday. After completing all challenges, our weekly rewards are as follows: 3,000 silver coins, 75 gold bars, a GOLD pack, RUBY pack, SAPPHIRE pack and a DIAMOND pack.

•  BE COOL: We encourage everyone to be social within the clubhouse, whether it be in Discord or the in-game chat. Not everyone uses the in-game chat but, if you do, you can use it to ask questions, offer tips, make club suggestions and share your replays. We’re here to have fun and everyone seems to have a good sense of humor. Negativity or rudeness towards other players won’t be tolerated.

•  NAME CHANGES: We strongly encourage everyone to use a customized name in the game. It’s much easier for people to remember a custom name rather than something like “Player 23986”. If you do change your name after joining the clubhouse, please let us know so we know who you are. Also, if you change your name to something we think is inappropriate, we will ask you one time to change it. If you do not comply, you will be removed from the clubhouse. Thanks!

•  RANKS: Ranks are determined by the number of points you finished with for the previous week. Players that finish with 50 points will be ranked MVP, 40-49 points will be ranked Member. Anyone with less than 40 points at the end of the week will be removed from the clubhouse. Note: new players that have joined us with the majority of their weekly clubhouse already in-hand will not be promoted until the following week. Points go to the clubhouse you earned them with and they are not transferable to us.