Rocket (Reverse Tourney)

This setup was made prior to the Rocket nerf in version 3.21.0 on June 19, 2023. Your results may vary on longer par 5 holes.

Here’s the Rocket setup I use for the par 4/5 holes of the Windy Tournament. It’s the standard Rocket config, plus Conspiracy next to Meteor (with Alien Relic Right boost) gives a 50% wind reduction to the bag. Commonlaw gives you a +2 accuracy on all your clubs. This setup is also a good choice on tourney par 3’s that have some fairway to play with because your goal is not only to get close to the pin, but also do it in the shortest amount of time. The Rocket’s low trajectory will shave several seconds off a shot you might otherwise take with a loftier iron or wood in single-player.

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