The Rocket Wedgie

This setup was made prior to the Rocket nerf in version 3.21.0 on June 19, 2023. Your results may vary on longer par 5 holes.

If you’ve ever struggled with choosing Stormbringer for it’s amazing accuracy around the green versus The Seeker for its tree passing boost, now you don’t have to. Why use two bags when just one will do? It’s a pretty standard Rocket configuration, but replacing Commonlaw (which would normally go in the 4 slot) with The Seeker. I’ve found that if you put Stormbringer in the 4 slot, you get way too much power from wind at your back. This is the compromise. In reality, The Seeker gets no boost from the Meteor here. It’s just here to get you through the trees. The loss of accuracy (by removing Commonlaw) doesn’t really create any problems. This may not be your cup of tea, but might be worth testing out to see how it works for you. When I’m not using Magnesis, this is now my go to bag.

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