Reaper One Shot

(featuring Magnesis)

When I first¬†reviewed the Reaper on YouTube, I sorta tore it to shreds and said it was a worthless club. I take it all back. Kinda.The first thing you need to know about this setup is that the Reaper is going to ‘kill’ two of your clubs before you tee off. You don’t know which two and that’s part of the… fun?¬† This bag is a risk/reward situation where you’re hoping to be left with either Commonlaw or Magnesis on your first shot for a huge payoff. The Reaper boosts all stats on every club in the bag by +2. That’s pretty huge, especially when it comes to Magnesis because you get a power and accuracy boost. Then you get the +4 accuracy boost from Galvanizer and another +2 accuracy from Commonlaw and suddenly driving with Magnesis at max distance, accurately, becomes much easier. In the semi-likely event that Magnesis gets killed, you still have two fallbacks: Commonlaw and the Reaper itself. Both are capable of hitting a short par 3 green with varying results, depending on the wind. Probably the worst case scenario is that you’re stuck with the Reaper, Meteor and Galvanizer for your drive. But if you’re just using it on the One Shot Challenge, no harm done. Just restart. Use this bag for duels at your own peril.

"You never know what you're gonna get." - Mama, always

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