Putter Duel Bag

This setup is not really intended for regular gameplay. This is what you want to use to establish the longest putt in your stats. Clubs 2, 3 and 4 must be in the order shown. Jumpstart will boost Homecoming’s power by 2-3 points, depending on your level. Commonlaw is added to increase your bag accuracy. Your first shot must be taken with the Conqueror driver, as it boosts the Homecoming putter. The Meteor boosts both Conquerer and Homecoming here to give you a putter power of 40+. This setup is best used on long fairways with a clear view of the pin. As long as you keep your first shot on the fairway, you can putt 300+ feet, but aiming at that distance is pretty tough because you can’t see the pin very well from that far away.

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