Outset Spin

(featuring Oakheart)

You get a +5 to all stats of any wedge immediately after shooting with the Outset driver. This setup is a ‘roided up config to give you unreal results. Here’s the breakdown: The Meteor doubles the Outset to now give you a +10 to all wedge stats (again, after you shoot with Outset). Galvanizer gives a +3 to Oakheart’s control and Commonlaw gives an additional +2 control to all clubs. Once you’ve engaged the Outset’s boost on a wedge with this setup, you will never experience a slower accuracy meter, ever. The goal with this setup is to use Oakheart for your second shot, but Meteor also becomes totally usuable (for a change). Your mileage may vary on boosted stats, as my base clubs may have higher numbers. Be warned, the spin generated on balls can be hilariously uncontrollable. With the stats shown in the image below, I can literally backspin a ball 90 feet across the far edge of a green and into the opposite, near fairway. As a sidenote, the Outset isn’t a bad driver as an alternative to Sky Fury.

Drive with Outset, spin with Oakheart

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