Neon Impulse

Neon Impulse is a common club added to the game on 10/28/2021. It’s a bit of an ‘in-betweener’ club because it isn’t super ideal as a driver for a par 3 hole and it doesn’t have the power to reach the green on a par 4/5 hole, even when it’s optimally boosted. It’s gimmicky. When you reach it’s initial power threshold, it goes into “Power Shot” mode, in which you’ll get substantially more power at the cost of a substantial amount of accuracy. In any case, this is the best setup I’ve come up with for Neon Impulse. You can use the putter of your choice. The Jumpstart/Meteor combo will give you a +4 power. Commonlaw will give your bag a +2 accuracy (+4 if you have Alien Relic Right on Meteor unlocked). Using forward spin, you can eek out another 5-15 yards on the fairway.

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