Meet the Captains: Riverboat

Name: Riverboat

Title: Co-Captain

Joined IG: 2021

Location: Kentucky

Age: 64

Total Wins: 14,722

Total Aces: 21

Favorite Club:  Sparky

What are some of your favorite moments playing PGA Tour?

Getting my first hole in one.

Favorite thing about PGA Tour?
Being in a great clubhouse where real friendships are made. Friends share and encourage each other, etc. That’s what makes this game different from the others.
If you could only play with one bag setup, which one would it be?
Boring, I know, but I’d stick with Rocket/Mag.
What would you say is the most under-appreciated club in the game?
Outset. I keep a bag for Outset where I can swap out to Windstrike when the mood hits me.
What’s an improvement to the game that you’d like to see added?

Eliminate ads. Okay, I know that’s not going to happen, but some sort of change making ads less frustrating would be appreciated.

What tips would you give to newer players?

Don’t be afraid to move clubhouses until you find one that fits you! Golf-wise: play all the Daily Challenges. I used to hate those target challenges, but playing them has helped my shot aiming tremendously.