This is a really great mid or late game par 3 alternative to Cloudcatcher and Divebomb once you’ve unlocked Meteor. Even at very low levels, this setup gets the job done and does it quite well.

Here’s what pulls this bag together: First, Meteor is doubling Steadfast’s ability to boost the stats of Common and Rare Clubs. In this case, that would be Homestead and Crusader. It’s also giving an additional doubled power boost to Homestead and Crusader because they have Willoughsby brand clubs on one or both sides.

If your Meteor is level 10 or better, you’ll be getting a doubled wind reduction from Conspiracy, which translates to a very light breeze on your drive. If your Meteor is below level 10, you will still see wind reduction, just not as much. Lastly, Homestead is getting boosted like crazy, so the longest putts (even from just off the green) are incredibly hard to miss.

With this setup, Crusader will reach the pin on any par 3, however you may need to use some top spin on your shot for the furthest pin placements on the longest holes. There is no bounce reduction in play here, but Crusader really isn’t too bouncy. Aim just a bit shorter than you would with Cloudcatcher and you’ll be fine. Crusader’s spin stat here hits the sweet, too, in my opinion. You’ll be able to put a very respectable amount of movement on the ball in any direction when it lands, without it being too much or too little.

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