Cloudcatcher 2.0

So what’s the difference between this new Cloudcatcher par 3 setup and the old one? A new secret sauce: Divebomb. Divebomb offers a Corvid-specific boost to Cloudcatcher that adds a minimum of 50% wind reduction (or somewhere near double that with Meteor’s Alien Relic Right) and a putter chain stat boost (also doubled with a level 10+ Meteor). 

Let’s go over the setup. The putter in slot one doesn’t matter. Use whichever one aggravates you the least. You will be getting a big boost on its stats, anyway. Slots two thru five need to stay in this order. If all goes according to plan, you won’t need to use any club other than Cloudcatcher and your putter. But hopefully just Cloudcatcher. Divebomb is a perfectly capable chipping iron if you roll off the green.

This setup is not overpowered by any means. It will comfortably reach most par 3 pins, but will struggle getting to the furthest pin placements on the longest par 3 holes. You can eek out another 10-15 yards using directional forward spin.

With Cloudcatcher’s built-in bounce reduction, your drive will yield a pretty soft landing. If you’re into the backspin game, you should see about 15 feet of movement using max backspin (grabbing the bottom-most sliver of the ball to aim). 

I’ve had a huge amount of success with this bag in the first 24 hours of setting it up. Hopefully you will, too!

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